Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Box Scores: News 9.30.08

Last season, Tarell Alvin McCraney won the innaugural Paula Vogel Playwrighting Award & earned raves for his NY debut at the Public, The Brothers Size. His latest, a drag drama called Wig Out!, kicks off another season for the Vineyard. Regular collaborator Tina Landau glams the proceedings up. I caught a preview; I'll give you the low-down tomorrow.

The Women's Project broadens our horizons by bringing an ex-pat Romanian playwright's work to the stage. Aliens with Extraordinary Skills, by Saviana Stanescu, opens tonight at the Julia Miles, directed by Tea Alagic. It sounds like a slightly absurdist comedy about running a clown who runs afoul of Homeland Security.

Stephen Belber's got two plays in town this fall: the first, Fault Lines, opens tonight at the Cherry Lane Theater. Producers Naked Angels have an incredible track record since premiering Belber's Tape back in '02. This black comedy, directed by David Schwimmer (“Friends”), deals with a friendship gone bad in modern Manhattan. It replaced Frank Pugliese's The Talk in Naked Angels' season.

(Oh, & Belber's second upcoming play is Geometry of Fire at the Rattlestick, this November.)

John Patrick Shanley's latest drama, Romantic Poetry, sounds more like “Moonstruck” than Doubt: it's a romance set among the patchwork ethic groups of the NY metro area. It's also a musical, with songs by Henry Krieger (Dreamgirls). The show begins previews tonight at MTC's City Center.

Down the coast in DC, the Shakespeare Theater Company begins its run of Congreve's Way of the World, arguably the best English comedy of manners. Veanne Cox (Caroline, or Change) plays Mirabell, under the direction of STC AD Michael Kahn.

At the movies last week, I caught a preview for "Frost/Nixon": it's got the original cast but is directed by Ron Howard. Regional audiences may be better off catching the B'way tour, which retains director Michael Grandage but replaces the actors with Stacy Keach

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Diploma First Semester Results....

To see your diploma first sem result click here ....All the best students

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rise of young world: F1

The rise of young blood no no no, perhaps its the rise of new powers to the world of Motor Sport with brood of hot-shots making the people run for their money.With over a decade of domination by the retired Michael Schumacher, who saw his reign of F1 supremo fading with the new face Fernando Alonso during his last 2 years, gone for good the young speedsters has taken charge of bringing the thrill with the sleek cuts in the chicane and the high speed accelerating straight paths.

Lets first take our spot-lights to the former 2-time champion Fernando Alonso. Now this spaniard had everything going in the right way but then his good luck streak ended when he choose not the Renault but instead left for the silver grey McLaren. Well some might answer immediate that the champion had prefered for special treatment but the flammo it fissped off when debut black driver Lewis Hamilton and his fellow team driver set up his eyes to crown as well. Now, he is all set to get back to the blue shades of Renault team.

Next in the brood of shot-short list comes the debut driver Lewis Hamilton.Ask whats special in this britian driver and the answer is the dream run of 2007 which turned the fan tide towards his favour.Even the legends Alain Prost or anyone for that matter have'nt had that luck to make themselves look special.But then this lad showed such class and tactics in race strategy.He's simply brilliant and one can expect more from this McLaren driver.

Now,the last but not the least comes the former McLaren driver who stepped to full the place of Mika Hakkinen.And its the 2007 champion Kimi Raikkonen.McLaren's long time void place filled with part-timers came back to its winning ways once the Fin-Lander stepped in to fill his shoes. But then there was one last thing which denied him his rise to F1 championship. The wretched thing happens to be "luck". Fin has everything in favour but the luck itself.The silver-grey failed to live upto his expectations.But then the Scarlett Ferrai was the right choice for him but in tactics and as well as in technology with the luck. He is talented and that see's to that he sails his way to the chequered flag.Mind u,he was damn lucky.He finished with 110 points in the top spot to cut narrow the lead of 109 points of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

And thats all we have for end of 2007 F1 season. Hoping for a great season in upcoming 2008 season.

Friday, December 26, 2008

No cheers for the Cheer Leaders

Certainly the T20 game has caught the attention for 2 reasons. One for the sake of swash-buckling hitting of the power charged batsmen and two though bizarre happens to be the cheer-leading. Even more bizarre happens to be the fact that the politicians happen to all of a sudden turned their eyes towards the cheer-leaders.(They never turn for any necessary things required for the country. But in this.... God knows.)Things may not be that pleasant for the pom-pom girls for the coming days as far as IPL is concerned.

People abuse them, shown rude gestures, the media zoom focusses them in an awkward manner forgetting that they are just here to cheer for the team rather than being harnessed by the public. Clearly they don't deserve this. True that the land has its moral. But then its own sons and daughters does'nt even happen to have the courtesy for the so called pom-pom girls.People should know that they come for a cause and when the works done, they're gonna sail home with a bad opinion about our country.

It's a matter of self-respect for the individuals here at India and people should blame themselves rather than those damsels after all we are the ones who are looking at them shamelessly, pass silly comments about them and now even the country's responsible persons,(especially in Mumbai), the so-called politicians have chipped in for the assault.

On the whole a bunch of irresponsible & ill-literate (and learnt senseless) peoplemake India looks ridiculous for something which has to be left out rather than grabbing attention.
( 100 Periyar vandalum seelara thirutha mudhiyadhu!!!!!)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Billa saga storms through(yet again)

Well I don't know how many of us know about this movie but the local civilians are sure to know about this fancy one.Yes I meant the movie 'Billa 2007'. The new avatar of Mr.Ajit Kumar now happens to be a Underworld Don whose name rings the sirens to the people and the cops undercover.

The old Billa version has been re-made by the director to perfection.Now one may ask whats so special bout this same old out-law story. One thing which stands out is that the movie is times only just bout 2 hours for the first time in kollywood history. Another interesting feature happens to be that the movie is the most stylish out of the few in numbers. The movie sets the pace right from the start and it never felt like slowing down one bit in its entire duration. Also movie's classic songs have been re-mixed by Yuvan to remind good old times.

Apart from these solo hi-fi featuring perks to the catchy movie, it adds up style. Style, style and simply style.

NOTE: Hilarious part to be released later.....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hulk's Rampage-The Incredible starts over again!

The annoyed Bruce Banner sets in to rock the fans for yet another menacing episode to transform himself to become the Incredible Hulk.The Green man's monsterous look just got even better and also the sources say that this version of Hulk completely avoids the First part done by Ang Lee which completely took the pleasure of watching Comic book hero full menace and the wrath he is actually capable of. The movie has already hit the theatres on June 13th and was said to be grossing well in Box Office,but yet to be realeased here at Chennai. The Trailors has been launched and its expected to do a real good business at movie arenas in the city.

Monday, December 15, 2008

World's Cheapest Car:Tata Nova

The world's cheapest car to be introduced real soon by Tata motors.The brand named as Nova and its the first of its kind.Smaller then the miature cars that one would have mostly come accross all these years.

The general base model happens to be estimated as around 1 lakh rupees and the deluxe model happens to be exceed by twenty thousands rupees with slight increase in the engine to make it efficient.

As far the space criterion is concerned, the car can fit 4-5 people inclusive of the driver's seat.Though looks as broad as Indica V2 in witdth the model is lesser by 20% in length with respect to the length in comparison with the former.

Like most tata motors models of car menu this also comes in as a diesel engine with lesser bph there by providing a mileage of more than 25 km/L.

So on the whole its the cheapest of its kind promising a lots of features dreamt by most automobile producers.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

T4:Salvation-The Future Begins

Its the fourth installment of the Terminator series brandishing the T101 model yet again for the latest series.Questions are being raised if Mr.Arnold Schwarzenegger would be starring in this edition of Terminator after his concerns with his fitness problems.Also there has been rumours that the makers of the 4th installment are checking for someone good enough to fit into the shoes of the 'Awesome Arnold'.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pollock stars for Mumbai Indians;Sachin missed out

Its a day when the dare-devils of Delhi where running high on confidence especially after beating the Super kings of Chennai a couple of days ago.Even the bowling happened to be better, with the opposition been restricted within 165. Now with the bowlers done with the job, batsmen failed to deliver after the Mumbai spear-head and the acting captain tuned his team to win for the second time after a miserable initial phase of losses. The team was'nt getting any better after the loss of Harbhajan Singh mis-behaviour in the stadium.

Earlier the Mumbai Indian's were asked to bat first after lossing the Toss, Jayasuriya and his partner made a perfect start and then followed by a steady partnership between thornly and Uttappa, when all of a sudden the cards started falling and lose face to the home crowd. But then the Mumbai Skipper seen to that they put a worthy score to challenge the dare-devils.

In the later half, the dare-devils team lost early wickets,secummbed to pressure with the calculated Pollock pace and length variaition.The in-form Gambhir failed and the gambling master Sehwag lost his wicket cheaply. The team was bowled out for 134 runs after a good bowling and batting performance for the dare-devils that had no clue to Shaun's All-round performance.

On the other hand the master maestro Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar missed out yet another time who still happens to be suffering from the groin-injury. Time will tell whether he would ever participate in the IPL match.

Clash of Big Guns

Align Center

With the first shared by three teams in the IPL the biggies simply head for all in a one-day clash with either one another or some other teams....

The top three teams sharing the ultimate position happens to be the Delhi Dare-devils, Rajasthan Royals and the Chennai Super Kings.

The Dare-Devils happens to taken some by surprise, afterall the team happens to be led by the gambling man Virender Sehwag. But then with a most trust-worthy batsmen Gambir under his belt, things happen to have swung by his way. Not to mention the bowling attack which is led by the spearhead Glenn Mcgrath in command with other lesser bowlers like Asif and other delhi pacers.The pigeon's pace attack ends up either with a wicket or as a miser who simply makes the batsmen work for his runs.Till now the team's top-order never failed to deliver for the skipper's liking.So far so good.

Next comes the Rajasthan royals. These royals happen to be least bought team and was given the perk of miser for not spending for the team. But then, Shane Warne makes all the difference in the team.This team works for their success irrespective of the fact of not having any power packed hitters or the most skilled bowlers. The team as so far faced only a single defeat. With the coaching and the captaincy of the team done by Warne the former world's leading wicket taker in tests,things started to heated up and their thirst for victory certainly not stopped yet.

Finally, the awesome Super Kings. The team is meant for its ruthless batting line-up,but with Hayden, Hussey(Michael) & Oram leaving the table free, the team slightly happens to be shaken up a bit. Mahi, the wicket-keeper captain happens to have his team's bowling weakness in mind despite having the crafty Murlitharan for his aid. With his first loss in the IPL match against the Dare-Devils, things look shaken for Dhoni.

Today's Match: Delhi Dare-Devils Vs Mumbai Indians
Rajasthan Royals Vs Chennai Super Kings

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Crest-Fallen Knights!!! King Khan's IPL disaster

The knights fallen and King Khan's growing frustration.(Periya raja parambara innu nenaipuu).Ok the knight riders have lost 4 in a row and SRK surely wont be happy after what their team has promised at the beginning of the match. Guess Vijay Malya aint the only worried man these days. At least he had something to enjoy now that he is'nt the only one sitting in the losing streak.

Meanwhile Dada(Kuruthu Thatha) seems to have the cushion of simply spending his time simply squatting behind at the pavilion doing nothing but bitting nails over his dis-mal performance.With the departure of McCullum & Ponting, Sourav hardly looks like a captain these days being commented for his captaincy by his own team and the attitude from the opposition camp.

Things aint going the Kolkutta's team favour as far as the IPL is concerned. If this continues on, the team might have their chances of winning for the next year.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Asin next move .....

Our tamil actress asin flying to london by coming this sept 10th ... She booms now a days ... She already acted with senior actors like suriya ,vikram, kamal,ajith ect ... Asin almostly getting around 120 crores for a film .... This is the top most salary for a actress it seems ....Am happy to be her fan ....