Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pollock stars for Mumbai Indians;Sachin missed out

Its a day when the dare-devils of Delhi where running high on confidence especially after beating the Super kings of Chennai a couple of days ago.Even the bowling happened to be better, with the opposition been restricted within 165. Now with the bowlers done with the job, batsmen failed to deliver after the Mumbai spear-head and the acting captain tuned his team to win for the second time after a miserable initial phase of losses. The team was'nt getting any better after the loss of Harbhajan Singh mis-behaviour in the stadium.

Earlier the Mumbai Indian's were asked to bat first after lossing the Toss, Jayasuriya and his partner made a perfect start and then followed by a steady partnership between thornly and Uttappa, when all of a sudden the cards started falling and lose face to the home crowd. But then the Mumbai Skipper seen to that they put a worthy score to challenge the dare-devils.

In the later half, the dare-devils team lost early wickets,secummbed to pressure with the calculated Pollock pace and length variaition.The in-form Gambhir failed and the gambling master Sehwag lost his wicket cheaply. The team was bowled out for 134 runs after a good bowling and batting performance for the dare-devils that had no clue to Shaun's All-round performance.

On the other hand the master maestro Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar missed out yet another time who still happens to be suffering from the groin-injury. Time will tell whether he would ever participate in the IPL match.

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