Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Crest-Fallen Knights!!! King Khan's IPL disaster

The knights fallen and King Khan's growing frustration.(Periya raja parambara innu nenaipuu).Ok the knight riders have lost 4 in a row and SRK surely wont be happy after what their team has promised at the beginning of the match. Guess Vijay Malya aint the only worried man these days. At least he had something to enjoy now that he is'nt the only one sitting in the losing streak.

Meanwhile Dada(Kuruthu Thatha) seems to have the cushion of simply spending his time simply squatting behind at the pavilion doing nothing but bitting nails over his dis-mal performance.With the departure of McCullum & Ponting, Sourav hardly looks like a captain these days being commented for his captaincy by his own team and the attitude from the opposition camp.

Things aint going the Kolkutta's team favour as far as the IPL is concerned. If this continues on, the team might have their chances of winning for the next year.