Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hulk's Rampage-The Incredible starts over again!

The annoyed Bruce Banner sets in to rock the fans for yet another menacing episode to transform himself to become the Incredible Hulk.The Green man's monsterous look just got even better and also the sources say that this version of Hulk completely avoids the First part done by Ang Lee which completely took the pleasure of watching Comic book hero full menace and the wrath he is actually capable of. The movie has already hit the theatres on June 13th and was said to be grossing well in Box Office,but yet to be realeased here at Chennai. The Trailors has been launched and its expected to do a real good business at movie arenas in the city.


papapam traffic said...

wow..hulk is may favorite movie

Ness said...

I already added you in my site as Prem. Kindly add my 3 sites here too. Thanks!


eyang mojo said...

Hulk is my frend ha ha ha ha