Monday, October 27, 2008

Royals way all through-Master Blasted

Royals settles the scores with the Mumbai Indians as the skipper cut short the visitors from a formidable total they would have expected to have in mind.The Jaipur pitch was hard giving odd bounce at times. The Royals changed pace for every now and then to see to that Sachin's team never get the accelerator on before or either after the power play. Even the vicious Jayasuriya looked tamed with the controlled aggression under Warne's mix and thinking in the pace and spin attack .The Master blaster tried to stay on but was decieved by the slow delivery by Trivedi after Jayasuriya's departure earlier. After that the team tried to repair the situation they were forced to into, but then instead ended up in losing wickets.However the final over of Watson's provided the visitors a glimpse of Hope from the Takawale's scoring with luck.

As for the Royals,things started off for the worst with the openers falling out within 32 runs on board.Pathan.Y failed to deliver like the last match.Watson submitted to the building pressure with the Master blaster taking a great catch of his wicket.As usual Kaif blundered his chances to shine in the tournament. By this time, home side were 77 for 5.Then came the heroes in the form of Jadeja and Patel to save the home team's 6 win nil lose record to a 7. The final over was given to Dilhara with 15 runs required.Had it not been for Jayasuriya's fumbling at the lost nick of the moment which made the visitors side look bad, they would at least drawn the match.

Perhaps age is not just a number like sachin mentioned earlier!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Actor Kamal Haasan calls dasavathaaram

Before listening to Actor kamal Haasan on screen, his fans can listen to him talking about the movie. It is just a call away. The most expecting movie for pass 5 years. Actor kamal Haasan has been playing 10 roles it seems. In a religious sense it`s called good karma, but we don’t deal with it in such bombastic terms.

In his exclusive 13 minute audio with mauj mobile as part of its tie-up with the sony BMG for dasavathaaram. The actor adds that there`s physical behind this phenomenon of everything’s being connected and the movie deals with it as well without sounding preachy

Apart from these an exclusive dasavathaaram mobile games has also been planned. In the 13 minute audio interview, kamal Haasan speaks bout movie`s synopsis, his ten roles, movie`s USP, action sequences, besides defending the choice of asin, discussing mallika sherawat`s sex goddess status and lauding his sibling KS Ravikumar for hid work . Mr.Kamal also calls dasavathaaram the first movie that he has done without injuring himself during the shoot.

well we are expecting a good movie from Kamal Hassan after Vettaiyadu vilaiyadu lets see what will happen ......

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bale steps in as John Connor

Christian Bale the fame of Batman Begins now plays the role of the human resistance leader John Connor in the upcoming Terminator 4:Salvation-The future begins.The story happens on the 2018 this time where John Connor comes to reveal the heart of the skynet operations.Charlotte Gainsbourg plays the role of Kate Connor.

Friday, October 3, 2008

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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