Friday, November 28, 2008

Hype of Dasavathaaram !!!!!!

The wait for dasavathaaram seems to the just killing for many. Apart from ardent kamal Hassan fans.If ordinary film goers are also looking for the day it will hit the screens.It is all because of the pre-launch publicity.Almost all major production houses are now doing it nowadays creating a hype.

Dasavathaaram producer Mr.Ravichandran says , they have spent over Rs 70 core making this film and another Rs 25 core for publicity . The first three minutes of the film has been said to cost him Rs 3 core .

This is a super trend started much earlier from the boss .The well known person Mr.Rajinikanth. Which is probably one of the top grossing film of 2007.Nowadays all the producer, director, and actor are using the same trick to run a film .

Mummy 3:Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Jet-Li stars in the mummy series.Its the third installment of the package and expectations are running high for this movie.Not only does this movie promises a lot of visuals like its previous versions it also provides the awesome fighting sequels in this upcoming version. Brendan Fraser takes the lead role. Jet-Li plays the Dragon Emperor Han,who comes in as the mummy in this episode.Surprisingly Rachael Weisz is not returning for to play the female lead,instead her role is taken by Maria Bello.Rumuors say that the movie is screened at Asian spots.It is expected to hit he theatres on July 11th.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom

Time for action when the world's most renowned martial artists come face off in a movie.The movie is called Forbidden Kingdom and is yet to hit the Chennai theatres.One of the most anticipated film for the year 2008. Its world's most daring stunt master and the martial artist Jackie Chan and the high flier,speedy Jet li playing the lead roles in the movie.Its the first time both the stars share the silver screen.The movie has already grossed well in the Box Office, and is expected to fare reasonably well in India. On the whole its a real treat for the hardcore action-movie lovers,coming up at the end of this month.

CSK crucial encounter

With an unexpected loss from the Chennai Super Kings against the ruined Bangalore Royal Challengers,followed by a narrow defeat in the hands of Rajasthan Royals, Dhoni's squad faces the do or die situation inspite of having the earlier lead in the series. The side shall also decide if their team or the Mumbai Indians(provided Sachin & Co. wins the next match) enter the semi-finals which already includes the Rajasthan royals at the top,Kings XI at the runner up and Delhi daredevils in the third spot as per classification.Its a test to both character and strength for CSK as it has already got thrashed by the Deccan Chargers earlier this season.

As for the chargers its a matter of pride after losing face to Royal challengers in front of the home crowd.Since the chargers are yet to post a victory at home, they will be eager to have this one in their bag and prove a point that they are no push-overs.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Comedy Terror

Nayantara(9-tara) and Namita the duo despite trying to play the female- lead fail to catch up.The former tried to deny wearing the bikini and the latter refused to wear anything but the two-piece.... But then green money can buy you all and thats no surprise.

Also u don't see Lollu-Sabha( a comic tv show aired in Vijay tv , now in all tv, but especially in Sun tv a training center of Kalaingar tv) Santhanam comic tracks in this movie either. I mean come on why in the world do u have even show him in the first place... Is'nt this suppose to be a thriller... Well one thing is for sure he adds to the blunder.

Next our king of the center.... The Pullaiyar Thilagam, Son of emotional Thilagam "Prabhu Prabhu bhu hu u". Most of the time one can see him with a candy bar in his hand munching it out.(Is he a cop or kid??? But one thing is for sure his belly size identifies him as a cop.... ISI marked!!!)

Despite all this lows one thing is appreciatable bout Mr.Prabhu... Good thing he started taking the supporting actor roles these days inspite of losing the male-lead.... Good thing he did'nt take the drama artist role. But then if he continues 'Ghoosti' he will get eliminated from this too....

The above written scripts are made up and strictly no offence.... Watch out for our next post.

Captain Marvel eliminates Prince Charming

Its the second semifinals of the IPL, a day when prince charming(Yuvraj) was running high in confidence when his team performed well in the league against the Rajasthan Royals.And for the never say die,Captain Marvel(MSD) its yet another encounter with the Kings XI with a 2-0 status trying to outwit the former.

The match between the 2nd place Kings XI and the 3th place Super Kings took place at Mumbai,yesterday the 31st of May. Winning the toss Yuvi decided to bat first on a pitch without grass. As for Captain Marvel,he started the overs with Off spinner ace Murlitharan to start the rampage for the side. Marsh started his innings with a cover drive. And people would have guessed that the side is gaining momentum to make a big role.Well then the wickets started falling with the edge from Hopes. And then followed by in-form Sangakkara. Followed by prince charming himself without knowing the answers for the doubts raised from the variation of speed,line and length.Then the Kings XI promising batsman Marsh fell for 23. And the side ended up for 113 with the tail enders dragging the score to some extent after the batsmen failed to impress.Ntini took 2 wickets with a run out cause adding value for his side.Apart from Gony,Morkel chipped in with 2 wickets each with murlitharan taking 1 wicket.

Session 2 started with CSK Vidyut and Parthiv to open the innings after Stephen Fleming departed.The innings started merrily but then fell for the short ball trick once again.After that Raina stepped in with the booming confidence from his previous match's good performance and then started to march forward towards the winning path.Both Parthiv and Raina made half centuries and demoralized the opposition's attack.On the other hand prince charming didnt have the clue to overcome or even impress people with a performance.Despite the batting and bowling depth in the team,the Kings XI failed in all departments to the CSK.

On the whole CSK overpowered Kings XI and outwitted them with a 3-0 lead over Kings XI.Ntini was judged the Man of the match.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Every young man to undergo military training because he can
1. Join the army whenever his country needs to be defended in war
2. Get a job after training
3. Learn and practice discipline
4. Supplement his general education according to his wish.
5. The distance they travelled.
6. The birds migrate because they want to lay eggs.

The birds do not find sufficient water the climatic condition is not good for their health. The birds want to escape from the bitter cold and limited food supply.
Military training is an important is as mental training because
1. One gets a chance to live in barrackers
2. Otherwise young men are useless
3. War has become a daily affair
4. It is good that every scholar should also be an efficient solider and be available for the country’s defence.

In eastern countries like India, military training of students should be made compulsory.
1. As it can solve the unemployment problems by providing more jobs.
2. To fight the anti social elements in every village or town.
3. To repress communal riots
4. To make youth serve the nation during times of war and pea

Thursday, November 13, 2008


In most western countries, it is required that every young man, when his education is complete, shall give three, four or five years to military services. He goes into barracks is regimented and drilled, makes a unit in the standing army and passes out usually when his term is ended an efficient solider, to remain for the rest of his life ready at any moment to join in the armed defence of his country.

1. In the passage, the author opines that
2. Military training must be included in the curricular of schools and colleges.
3. Military is as important as general training
4. Military training should precede college education since it builds up one’s mortal and physical abilities.
5. Military training is more important than general education.
The authority, writing in the early part of twentieth century, does not seen to talk about the need of military training for women because

1. She thinks woman not physically strong enough to undergo military training
2. According to her woman should remain in doors
3. Woman’s education was a new thing then

Monday, November 10, 2008

AdsTiger Tech:The 1st entrepreneurship in the history of SSN Institution

SSN Institutions first entrepreurship rises as AdsTiger Tech. The long awaiting finally stopped on 21st,September, when Vijay Daniel, Shrinaath Ramanujam , S.Prasanna Ganesh and Jeethu Karthik joined hands to kick start the solo enterpreneurship from the pregistious institution of Padma Bhushan Dr.Shiv Nadar.The main focus of this company are:

*Online web services
*Application development
*Mobile Softwares
*Computer Graphics works
*Robotics and
*Intelligent systems

For further details and assistance contact:
Shrinaath : 9940541650.


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it your answer should he based on the facts mentioned in the passage1: every year during autumn and early winter, birds travel from their breeding places in the northern regions of asia, Europe and America to the southern lands. Migrating birds do not fly at high speed. They usually travel in flocks. The information on migration has come from ringing young and adult birds. A light band of metal or plastic is tied with the leg of the bird. The band bears a number date identification of the mark is requested to return the ring. This given a clue to the direction and the locality to which the birds is migrated. Birds migrate in order to escape the butter cold and limited food supply. The other reason is when the water freezes, to birds, fish and sea foods are difficult to obtain. The migration of birds is during

1. Winter season
2. Autumn season
3. Summer season
4. Autumn and early winter

Most of the birds migrate from their breeding places in all over the world the northern regions of Asia, Europe and America to the warmer southern lands. The southern lands northern regions of Asia, Europe and America to the warmer southern lands. During their travel the birds the band that was put in the leg of the bird. The band which bears a number date identification and the address to which the card to be returned.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Duel of the F! crown:New Bloods on the Rise

With the step down of the veteran F1 driver Michael Schumacher out the Scuderia Ferrai Squad, the motosport world witnessed some of the most cold racing duels between young trio revolutionizing the passion of the high running F1 heat in 2007. The giants and the big names of automobiles are all set to yet another face-off for the upcoming 2008 season.

At one end you have the 2-time former world champion Alonso whose hopes for the third consecutive title was set to flames by the rookie team-mate for the McClaren Mercedes team last year.And then you have the 2007 world champion Kimi Raikonnen standing tall with a bit of luck in his pockets which played spoil-sport with him all but for last year.Also we had the rookie Lewis Hamilton who turned the attention to his cause with the 2-time champion in the side giving him the challenger for the season.

Whats more we had the scandals of having the papers of the teams which showed the worst part of the Spy Saga for the F1 seasons for all these years.Also you have new rules in this season to add up the momentum\pressure for the teams in F1 race season 2008. Also we have the new Indian