Saturday, December 20, 2008

Billa saga storms through(yet again)

Well I don't know how many of us know about this movie but the local civilians are sure to know about this fancy one.Yes I meant the movie 'Billa 2007'. The new avatar of Mr.Ajit Kumar now happens to be a Underworld Don whose name rings the sirens to the people and the cops undercover.

The old Billa version has been re-made by the director to perfection.Now one may ask whats so special bout this same old out-law story. One thing which stands out is that the movie is times only just bout 2 hours for the first time in kollywood history. Another interesting feature happens to be that the movie is the most stylish out of the few in numbers. The movie sets the pace right from the start and it never felt like slowing down one bit in its entire duration. Also movie's classic songs have been re-mixed by Yuvan to remind good old times.

Apart from these solo hi-fi featuring perks to the catchy movie, it adds up style. Style, style and simply style.

NOTE: Hilarious part to be released later.....