Monday, December 15, 2008

World's Cheapest Car:Tata Nova

The world's cheapest car to be introduced real soon by Tata motors.The brand named as Nova and its the first of its kind.Smaller then the miature cars that one would have mostly come accross all these years.

The general base model happens to be estimated as around 1 lakh rupees and the deluxe model happens to be exceed by twenty thousands rupees with slight increase in the engine to make it efficient.

As far the space criterion is concerned, the car can fit 4-5 people inclusive of the driver's seat.Though looks as broad as Indica V2 in witdth the model is lesser by 20% in length with respect to the length in comparison with the former.

Like most tata motors models of car menu this also comes in as a diesel engine with lesser bph there by providing a mileage of more than 25 km/L.

So on the whole its the cheapest of its kind promising a lots of features dreamt by most automobile producers.

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