Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rise of young world: F1

The rise of young blood no no no, perhaps its the rise of new powers to the world of Motor Sport with brood of hot-shots making the people run for their money.With over a decade of domination by the retired Michael Schumacher, who saw his reign of F1 supremo fading with the new face Fernando Alonso during his last 2 years, gone for good the young speedsters has taken charge of bringing the thrill with the sleek cuts in the chicane and the high speed accelerating straight paths.

Lets first take our spot-lights to the former 2-time champion Fernando Alonso. Now this spaniard had everything going in the right way but then his good luck streak ended when he choose not the Renault but instead left for the silver grey McLaren. Well some might answer immediate that the champion had prefered for special treatment but the flammo it fissped off when debut black driver Lewis Hamilton and his fellow team driver set up his eyes to crown as well. Now, he is all set to get back to the blue shades of Renault team.

Next in the brood of shot-short list comes the debut driver Lewis Hamilton.Ask whats special in this britian driver and the answer is the dream run of 2007 which turned the fan tide towards his favour.Even the legends Alain Prost or anyone for that matter have'nt had that luck to make themselves look special.But then this lad showed such class and tactics in race strategy.He's simply brilliant and one can expect more from this McLaren driver.

Now,the last but not the least comes the former McLaren driver who stepped to full the place of Mika Hakkinen.And its the 2007 champion Kimi Raikkonen.McLaren's long time void place filled with part-timers came back to its winning ways once the Fin-Lander stepped in to fill his shoes. But then there was one last thing which denied him his rise to F1 championship. The wretched thing happens to be "luck". Fin has everything in favour but the luck itself.The silver-grey failed to live upto his expectations.But then the Scarlett Ferrai was the right choice for him but in tactics and as well as in technology with the luck. He is talented and that see's to that he sails his way to the chequered flag.Mind u,he was damn lucky.He finished with 110 points in the top spot to cut narrow the lead of 109 points of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

And thats all we have for end of 2007 F1 season. Hoping for a great season in upcoming 2008 season.

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