Thursday, December 4, 2008

Clash of Big Guns

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With the first shared by three teams in the IPL the biggies simply head for all in a one-day clash with either one another or some other teams....

The top three teams sharing the ultimate position happens to be the Delhi Dare-devils, Rajasthan Royals and the Chennai Super Kings.

The Dare-Devils happens to taken some by surprise, afterall the team happens to be led by the gambling man Virender Sehwag. But then with a most trust-worthy batsmen Gambir under his belt, things happen to have swung by his way. Not to mention the bowling attack which is led by the spearhead Glenn Mcgrath in command with other lesser bowlers like Asif and other delhi pacers.The pigeon's pace attack ends up either with a wicket or as a miser who simply makes the batsmen work for his runs.Till now the team's top-order never failed to deliver for the skipper's liking.So far so good.

Next comes the Rajasthan royals. These royals happen to be least bought team and was given the perk of miser for not spending for the team. But then, Shane Warne makes all the difference in the team.This team works for their success irrespective of the fact of not having any power packed hitters or the most skilled bowlers. The team as so far faced only a single defeat. With the coaching and the captaincy of the team done by Warne the former world's leading wicket taker in tests,things started to heated up and their thirst for victory certainly not stopped yet.

Finally, the awesome Super Kings. The team is meant for its ruthless batting line-up,but with Hayden, Hussey(Michael) & Oram leaving the table free, the team slightly happens to be shaken up a bit. Mahi, the wicket-keeper captain happens to have his team's bowling weakness in mind despite having the crafty Murlitharan for his aid. With his first loss in the IPL match against the Dare-Devils, things look shaken for Dhoni.

Today's Match: Delhi Dare-Devils Vs Mumbai Indians
Rajasthan Royals Vs Chennai Super Kings

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