Friday, December 26, 2008

No cheers for the Cheer Leaders

Certainly the T20 game has caught the attention for 2 reasons. One for the sake of swash-buckling hitting of the power charged batsmen and two though bizarre happens to be the cheer-leading. Even more bizarre happens to be the fact that the politicians happen to all of a sudden turned their eyes towards the cheer-leaders.(They never turn for any necessary things required for the country. But in this.... God knows.)Things may not be that pleasant for the pom-pom girls for the coming days as far as IPL is concerned.

People abuse them, shown rude gestures, the media zoom focusses them in an awkward manner forgetting that they are just here to cheer for the team rather than being harnessed by the public. Clearly they don't deserve this. True that the land has its moral. But then its own sons and daughters does'nt even happen to have the courtesy for the so called pom-pom girls.People should know that they come for a cause and when the works done, they're gonna sail home with a bad opinion about our country.

It's a matter of self-respect for the individuals here at India and people should blame themselves rather than those damsels after all we are the ones who are looking at them shamelessly, pass silly comments about them and now even the country's responsible persons,(especially in Mumbai), the so-called politicians have chipped in for the assault.

On the whole a bunch of irresponsible & ill-literate (and learnt senseless) peoplemake India looks ridiculous for something which has to be left out rather than grabbing attention.
( 100 Periyar vandalum seelara thirutha mudhiyadhu!!!!!)

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