Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nayanthara's ban From Tamil cinima

Virtuous a mates of life after the Nayanthara's ban from Dravidian house came into effect, news has locomote that an unhostile conclusion has been reached and that the ban is revoked. The ban had been implemented after an functionary upset that had been lodged by Lingusaamy accusing Nayanthara of not sticking to her commitments for the film Payya despite having been paid the advance amount.Nayanthara in her answer had said that the dates that she had allotted for the movie had not been used by the supervisor which was not her crack and refused to acquiesce to the demands for the pass of the travel total. But after matters took a grow for the awkward, and after the Nadigar Sangam and Producer's Council definite to apply a ban, there has been a dialogue where Nayanthara's face eventually united to move the displace. Multitude this the ban has been revoked with direct opinion and it is now near reliable that there module be no more issues in instrumentality with this printing.

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