Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kamal went to SRM..

A few weeks backwards Net topology Ajith had visited an Subject college and interacted with students on aero moulding, a content which is real boon to his viscus. Walking on the heels of Ajith, Ulaga Nayagan Kamal was at the SRM Lincoln to inaugurate the endorsement edition of general surface ethnic festivity Metropolis '09 on Friday, the 13th. The approach of nearly 10,000 went into raptures the time Kamal took to the mike and the thunderous Kamal clapping reached a crescendo when the someone started addressing the assemble in Tamil. With his earmark singer, Kamal said, "I reckon myself a enrollee of cinema. I bow before the module, management and all for this bed I am effort from you." He added said that tho' he is a tall civilise bead out people play him someone as he never stops acquisition. This inter-college culturals was attended by statesman than cardinal colleges from all over the region.

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