Monday, February 9, 2009

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Hai friends when I started my new company. I was searching to buy a domain for my company Website. I did not get a best Website. After two days later one of my friends referred this Website. I would like to tell something about this Website. I really got amazed when I saw this Website. Mosso is a cloud web hosting company. We can get cloud site, cloud files and cloud server. Its very easy to login a minute. The cloud hosting is first invented by the mosso company. We call them as king of web hosting.They have separate cloud services, so your data will be safe at any cost.

They have cloud computing for linux and window. The linux have PHP 5,mysql 5, perl and python. With this facility they are offer the new Website. You can create new mosso powered Website with some extra features. You can add your email account. The linux Website is more powerful and have the lot of storage inherited by your application automatically, without any effort. The benefits of using cloud hosting is No hardware to manage, no devices to configure, It runs what you have and works like you had think. Fully supported. Call us any hour, day or night. I hope most of the hosting platform required customer code and architecture to make your application work. But our mosso is quite different with other company. It has web standards and powered by the proven technology. So it more helpful for us. for more details visit this website

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