Friday, February 27, 2009

compare dpr file

Yesterday, evening i was about to install a new Operating System to my friend.I was taking back up of his system folders and files.When i was doing such things, i came across a difficulty of identifying the files , since there were duplicates created.The most problem occurs with the system files and the compressed files.So i thought of sorting out all the files and was surfing internet to find a tool to conduct a comparison between files.There i found a site called where there is a wonderful software to compare the files and synchronize the folders.Most of us might have difficulty in identifying the Object pascal files,XML , assembly and more type of files.The software which is being provided here can be easily used to find the difference between the files.With this we can even compare dpr file and compare dpk file since there is not so much difference in them.Both of them belong to the object pascal and only with this software, it can be compared. The most suprising thing is we can also make asm comparison with this software.It means, the comparison between the assembly files.Because of this software i was able to sort out all my problem within matter of minutes.This one will be really useful to those who are really in need of comparing the files and folders.The new version of this software contains the option for folder synchronisation.Hope this information found t0 be useful to all you people.

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