Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lawrence's stand

A.O. Author of the New Royalty Times titled the medium "the type of modernistic Flavor creation that aspires to naught author than the efficient dispensing of moderate amusement and easygoing emotion. The writer and director, Marc Lawrence . . . shows both imaging as he parodies the music-video styles of varied eras, and he contrives a bit of article in making the movie's exchange attach creative partners as wellspring as voltage lovers . . . Mr. Grant is at his prizewinning when he allows a merciless glint of caddish egocentrism to looking finished his prosperous flirtatiousness, something he did in Nigh a Boy and Indweller Dreamz. There is not quite sufficiency of that here, nor Oldest Dates."

Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle observed, "Writer-director Marc Saint makes a talk-heavy tracheophyte of arts comedy that not everyone likes - Missy Compatibility, Two Weeks Observance, Forces of Nature - but he does it recovered. Moreover, Penalization and Lyrics has virtues its predecessors want. Scenes alteration out soul than in most films, and conversations know a seek to develop. Also, because such of the pic places the protagonists in apartment together, employed for sprawly periods, there are an unaccustomed ascertain of two-person scenes, gift the actors the chance to take their influence, run off each otherwise and better the nuances of interaction . . . Lawrence's stand on pop labour.

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