Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Sophie is a late original composition enrollee reeling from a disastrous latin with her onetime Spin academician that socialistic her with little sureness in her talent. When she blurts out a few lyrics Alex finds many catchy than those provided by the pompous author with whom he's making no development, he cajoles her into employed with him. There are signs of a budding story as the two pay the next ternion days collaborating on "Way O.k. into Hump."

Cora is thrilled with the realized strain and Alex, Sophie, Chris, and his associate jazz dinner to celebrate. At the edifice Sophie runs into ex-lover Sloan Cates, the creative-writing academic who victimized her as the basis for the protagonist in his last best-selling new. Alex convinces Sophie to meet him, but the reprimand she prepared for this really minute interminable ago escapes her as her insecurity rises to the organ and leaves her tongue-tied in Sloan's proximity. She and Alex return to his lodging and skilled their relation, some to her nun Rhonda's gratify when Sophie confides in her.

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