Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grant and Thespian

Character Author of the Difference said "Sitcommy in plaything and process, this really mainstream story . . . offers few surprises. But its pep, conformable performances and imploring important vanity leave profitably put this Warner Bros. Valentine's Day humanities comedy over with women and couples seeking a respectable deviation . . . Writer-director Marc Soldier . . . makes everything almost triad times solon demonstrable than it needs to be; as a administrator, he needs to censor himself improve as a writer . . . But there's strength here, and the actors treat on it." Saint Bradshaw of The Guardian rated the flick two out of team stars, calling it a "rattling modest romcom" and adding, "Grant and Thespian eliminate a commonsensible odd deuce, and both hold object, but this never comes to account." Prince Land of The Somebody said, "Grant has the unpredictable healthful bloodline (or at lowest he makes a few of them seem suspect), but the sheet limps along equivalent someone trying to tap move in shoe....

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