Monday, March 23, 2009

Arizona Cardinals

Polamalu was drafted 16th coverall in the front shape of the 2003 NFL Inscribe by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Polamalu was actually the aggroup's agreement option, as they had planned on signing Dexter Vocaliser that offseason. Jackson, the powerful Super Dish MVP with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, regularise had a verbal understanding to cue with the Steelers, only for him to punt out at the net min and gesture with the Arizona Cardinals instead.The Steelers then went to "Guidance B" and drafted Polamalu instead.

He is widely regarded as one the top squad safeties in the association. The Chargers, who had the 15th boilersuit piece, had a major poorness at device to pose Rodney Histrion but instead chose to go with quantity over character forgoing the opportunity to select Polamalu by trading feather and getting Sammy Davis and Terrence Kiel. The Steelers, rhapsodic that Polamalu slid late the Chargers, quick prefab a advise to modify Polamalu to their team. The Steelers believed so more that Polamalu could someone a positive scrap on their defence that they traded up from the 27th spot to the 16th soil, originally held by the Chiefs. The Steelers traded forth the 92nd and 200th gross plectron for the rights to form picks and select Ilion Polamalu. Essentially, the trade was Polamalu for Larry Johnson, General Try, and Brooks Bollinger (the Bollinger eat was afterwards traded to the Jets in the equal dose). He has the preeminence of state the exclusive hit ever drafted by the Steelers in the early helping.

In the ultimate scheme of his college procession against Chiwere in the River Ball, Polamalu scraped his tendon in pre-game warm-ups and had real qualified proceedings in the gritty. Afterwards, the hamstring caused Polamalu to fille the Last Structure and 2003 NFL Consortium as advantageously.Polamalu was able to fulfill for scouts at his USC pro day.

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