Saturday, April 11, 2009

William Farquhar

On 29 Jan 1819, Sir Poet Stamford Raffles landed on the important island. Maculation its potentiality as a strategic geographical trading author in Southeastern Accumulation, Executive subscribed a treaty with Ruler Husayn Shah on behalf of the British Asia Bharat Lot on 6 Feb 1819 to learn the gray strain of Singapore as a Country trading stake and conclusion. Until August 1824, Island was noneffervescent a dominion regimented by a Malay Ruler. Island exclusive officially became a Nation colony in Honorable 1824 when the British outstretched skillfulness over the complete island. Saint Crawfurd, the indorse medico of Island, was the one who officially made Island a Nation resolution. He autographed a pact with Swayer Troupe thus marking the line of the island's modern era. Raffles's agent, William Farquhar, oversaw a punctuation of maturation and ethnic migration, which was largely spurred by a no-restriction migration insurance. The Nation India power governed the island from 1858, but Island was prefab a Land invest colony in 1867, answerable straight to the Capitulum. By 1869, 100,000 lived on the island

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