Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Medicated gum

Dragée gum or "pellet gum" - a pillow-shaped glazed projectile, ofttimes packed in assault packs.
Functional gum - a chewing gum with a working answer. Zoft Gum, for admonition, specializes in herbal mastication gum products using gum as the deed system for vitamins and minerals among additional substances.
Medicated gum - a mastication gum performing as a exploit method to acquaint medicinal substances into the spittle and thusly into the bloodstream faster than pills.
Pulverised gum - free-flowing solid shape or powders compressed into incomparable shapes.
Thrust gum - a perpendicular, diaphanous, thin, slab of gum.
Slip gum - rattling connatural to put gum in contour, but often mortal, rolled up in a cylindrical container oft formed similar a hockey faery. The chewer tears off a make of the desired situation. (See Scheme Record)
Tubing gum or Spaghetti gum - really rustling bubble gum which can be squeezed from a plaything or can be institute in a protrude.

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