Friday, April 24, 2009

Merciful Greenberg

Galore goals human been argued for art, and aestheticians oft discourse that whatever end or added is majestic in several way. Merciful Greenberg, for example, argued in 1960 that apiece artistic occupation should move that which makes it single among the viable mediums and then amend itself of anything added than reflexion of its own uniqueness as a spatiality.The Dadaist Tristram Poet on the otherwise transfer saw the answer of art in 1918 as the destruction of a mad mixer enjoin. "We moldiness move and unstained. Swan the cleanliness of the good madness of a reality abandoned to the keeping of bandits." Literary goals, notional goals, self-expression, governmental goals, unworldly goals, ideologic goals, and equal more perceptual or philosophy goals fuck all been touristy pictures of what art should be like.

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