Thursday, November 13, 2008


In most western countries, it is required that every young man, when his education is complete, shall give three, four or five years to military services. He goes into barracks is regimented and drilled, makes a unit in the standing army and passes out usually when his term is ended an efficient solider, to remain for the rest of his life ready at any moment to join in the armed defence of his country.

1. In the passage, the author opines that
2. Military training must be included in the curricular of schools and colleges.
3. Military is as important as general training
4. Military training should precede college education since it builds up one’s mortal and physical abilities.
5. Military training is more important than general education.
The authority, writing in the early part of twentieth century, does not seen to talk about the need of military training for women because

1. She thinks woman not physically strong enough to undergo military training
2. According to her woman should remain in doors
3. Woman’s education was a new thing then

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