Friday, November 28, 2008

Hype of Dasavathaaram !!!!!!

The wait for dasavathaaram seems to the just killing for many. Apart from ardent kamal Hassan fans.If ordinary film goers are also looking for the day it will hit the screens.It is all because of the pre-launch publicity.Almost all major production houses are now doing it nowadays creating a hype.

Dasavathaaram producer Mr.Ravichandran says , they have spent over Rs 70 core making this film and another Rs 25 core for publicity . The first three minutes of the film has been said to cost him Rs 3 core .

This is a super trend started much earlier from the boss .The well known person Mr.Rajinikanth. Which is probably one of the top grossing film of 2007.Nowadays all the producer, director, and actor are using the same trick to run a film .