Saturday, November 15, 2008


Every young man to undergo military training because he can
1. Join the army whenever his country needs to be defended in war
2. Get a job after training
3. Learn and practice discipline
4. Supplement his general education according to his wish.
5. The distance they travelled.
6. The birds migrate because they want to lay eggs.

The birds do not find sufficient water the climatic condition is not good for their health. The birds want to escape from the bitter cold and limited food supply.
Military training is an important is as mental training because
1. One gets a chance to live in barrackers
2. Otherwise young men are useless
3. War has become a daily affair
4. It is good that every scholar should also be an efficient solider and be available for the country’s defence.

In eastern countries like India, military training of students should be made compulsory.
1. As it can solve the unemployment problems by providing more jobs.
2. To fight the anti social elements in every village or town.
3. To repress communal riots
4. To make youth serve the nation during times of war and pea

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