Saturday, November 22, 2008

Comedy Terror

Nayantara(9-tara) and Namita the duo despite trying to play the female- lead fail to catch up.The former tried to deny wearing the bikini and the latter refused to wear anything but the two-piece.... But then green money can buy you all and thats no surprise.

Also u don't see Lollu-Sabha( a comic tv show aired in Vijay tv , now in all tv, but especially in Sun tv a training center of Kalaingar tv) Santhanam comic tracks in this movie either. I mean come on why in the world do u have even show him in the first place... Is'nt this suppose to be a thriller... Well one thing is for sure he adds to the blunder.

Next our king of the center.... The Pullaiyar Thilagam, Son of emotional Thilagam "Prabhu Prabhu bhu hu u". Most of the time one can see him with a candy bar in his hand munching it out.(Is he a cop or kid??? But one thing is for sure his belly size identifies him as a cop.... ISI marked!!!)

Despite all this lows one thing is appreciatable bout Mr.Prabhu... Good thing he started taking the supporting actor roles these days inspite of losing the male-lead.... Good thing he did'nt take the drama artist role. But then if he continues 'Ghoosti' he will get eliminated from this too....

The above written scripts are made up and strictly no offence.... Watch out for our next post.


vinoth kumar said...

I want to say one beautifull information about prabu.After the film of billa prabu got so many chance for acting drama serial.

Anonymous said...