Sunday, June 21, 2009

preview while replace

This text replace software tool allows the users to fully control the search and replace process. It enables you to replace strings in document easily. The users can define various search conditions and confirm them before being replaced. Furthermore, they can view the text before and after replacement. There are many features offered by the tool including preview while replace, search many folders at once, use size and data filters, overwrite files, and many more. In this site you will also find the instructions in using the tool. The first step is to specify the folder to search in and files to search for. The second step is to specify the text search and replace group. The third is to specify the size of files. You can download the trial version of 30 days usage to try the effectiveness of the products. When you have felt the benefits of the products, you can purchase the full version. Contact their customer support for more information about the AKS Text Replacer.

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