Monday, June 29, 2009

Compare Laptops

Good looking site requires a co-ordination to make the it look better. Advertisements could be placed on the sides of vertical left. The brands of the laptops are in detail, they can be configured in detail. The slider used for the search is impressive. The site takes a bit too long to load for connections with slower speeds. Elements used to sort out the brands and models are a bit common, though adds up to the features of the site. News about the latest gadgets is cool, and the pain taken to add up valuable points to the products by testing them definitely is appreciatable. While it does score high when thinking about branded models, one gets puzzled when it comes across the individual parts of a system. The price comparison from one laptop to the other is appealing but then it would be better if we get pointed out if we get to know the price worthiness of a product, I mean does the product whatever is exhibited for sale is good enough for it cost? One would possibly can think of that area cause customers are always right aren’t it?? The layout for the web site is really class, Compare Laptops because it simply gives a smooth feeling to the eyes, nothing coarse or overdone. Features like feedback sounds a bit old but then inevitable traditions are sometimes too iconic to be moved and hence stay for granted. The site map feature shows you where u is at present, that’s something which one can see a lot these days. Unlike most consumer sites this one has a self made forum which is quite Laptop Hot Deals, so I guess credit should be given for it. And of course we have the site consumer support to aid people online to make it available through all means. On the whole the site from my point of view scores 7.9/10. For mroe details visit

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