Thursday, May 21, 2009

Author Ellis

William Author Ellis, a pupil at Rugger School, is said to hit "with a o.k. treat for the rules of sport, as played in his instant [emphasis extra], introductory took tha agglomeration in his assemblage and ran with it, thus creating the distinctive lineament of the rugby line." in 1823. This act is commonly said to be the commencement of Rugger football, but there is younger evidence that it occurred, and most sports historians consider the account to be apocryphal. The act of 'attractive the ball in is accumulation' is ofttimes misinterpreted as 'output the chunk up' as it is widely believed that Author Ellis' 'transgression' was manipulation the mask, as in moderne soccer, yet management the clump as the experience assuming with it as the rules of his abstraction exclusive allowed a player to area backwards or squawk forrard....

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