Monday, January 19, 2009

Nouveau Riche

A nouveau riche was also attached to the dynasty of Prince Joacim Egon Von Furstenberg from Germany since his wealth was obviously shown to public. Jim Piccolo, a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist, has a critical thinking about this termIn your opinion, which one is more important in helping you to be success, hardworking or fortune? Some people might say hardworking is more important in order to gain success, while others might say fortune is. Whatever your answer is, you have to know that by combining hardworking and fortune, someone will gain success easier.That statement has been proved by Jim Piccolo, the founder of Nouveau Riche Academy.

Through its website that can be accessed at, you will understand how people who join Nouveau Riche community get very interesting profit and succeed. The testimonials given in the videos show how the website has changed people’s lives, from zero to hero. The website also offers interesting program for you so that once you join the program, you will get profit and make a lot of money.Furthermore, you will be able to learn the secret and tips to be a billionaire directly from the expert, Jim Piccolo.

Then, someday, you might have your name listed on The Billionaire as a nouveau riche, a person who is recently rich. The same happened to the dynasty of Prince Joacim Egon Von Furstenberg from Germany. Moreover, your rags to riches will help you to be a nouveau riche. You can go to to know more information about this term

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