Thursday, October 23, 2008

Actor Kamal Haasan calls dasavathaaram

Before listening to Actor kamal Haasan on screen, his fans can listen to him talking about the movie. It is just a call away. The most expecting movie for pass 5 years. Actor kamal Haasan has been playing 10 roles it seems. In a religious sense it`s called good karma, but we don’t deal with it in such bombastic terms.

In his exclusive 13 minute audio with mauj mobile as part of its tie-up with the sony BMG for dasavathaaram. The actor adds that there`s physical behind this phenomenon of everything’s being connected and the movie deals with it as well without sounding preachy

Apart from these an exclusive dasavathaaram mobile games has also been planned. In the 13 minute audio interview, kamal Haasan speaks bout movie`s synopsis, his ten roles, movie`s USP, action sequences, besides defending the choice of asin, discussing mallika sherawat`s sex goddess status and lauding his sibling KS Ravikumar for hid work . Mr.Kamal also calls dasavathaaram the first movie that he has done without injuring himself during the shoot.

well we are expecting a good movie from Kamal Hassan after Vettaiyadu vilaiyadu lets see what will happen ......

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